Dec. 10, 2016 A Progressive "Tea Party"?

Sept says she wanted to connect people to what they could do locally to promote their values — and the concept has resonated. She says people from places including Seattle, New York and Atlanta have contacted her to ask her advice on replicating the event there.


Nov. 28, 2016 XRAY FM "Group Therapy": New Administration, What Now?


Nov. 22, 2016 OPB: Donald Trump Election: Artists React

What began as a meet-up among 10 friends ballooned on social media. People came out of the woodwork to register for various progressive causes. Outside Revolution Hall’s concert space, dozens of advocacy groups, from social justice and environmental groups to Planned Parenthood, reached out to new volunteers. 


Nov. 22, 2016 KBOO: Interview, Natalie Sept What Now

Organizer Natalie Sept talks live to the KBOO News about her action fair at Revolution Hall last night, which brought people together for positive action post elections.


Nov. 22, 2016 Portland Radio Project: What Now

Portland progressives, stunned by the presidential election results, gathered at Revolution Hall Monday night to plot a path forward in the face of the nation’s conservative shift.

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