Last year What Now made history.

Last November over 2,000 Portlanders came together to tell the world they were ready to get to work. Community leaders, artists, friends, and neighbors came together to put fears and frustrations into positive action. 

This year we want you to be a part of it.

*Request for applications for 2017 is now closed. Email with any questions!

We're looking for impactful organizations headquartered in Oregon with a focus on helping vulnerable communities. Organizations with established pipelines for volunteers and/or greater need for additional people-powered help will be given priority. Ideal candidates demonstrate intersectionality in their work, diversity of their board and leadership team, proven success in their field, a need for volunteers. 

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Why What Now?

On the night of November 8, 2016 an Oregon native sat in Brooklyn surrounded by weeping celebrities and the shattered remains of the Hillary Clinton campaign and wondered, like everyone at home, What Now? 

Leaving her car in North Carolina, she flew home to find an answer. Conversation after conversation with friends, colleagues, former campaign adversaries and current community leaders pointed to many possibilities, but one event. A positive, proactive event – an action fair – to bring people out of their homes and out of their fear. After producing 15,000 person rallies with 300 press people in less than 3 days for the campaign, she pulled together a team of 25 people to pull off an Oregon event in less than 10.

On November 21st, 2016 What Now? featured over 55 local and statewide nonprofit organizations, political action groups, and artists who together, helped find positive and proactive ways to use energy and action for good. Organizations signed up 100s of volunteers at the standing-room only even to get to work. What Now? 2017 is more organized, more inclusive and more directed. Our mission remains: get to work, for the greater good.