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What Now is a proactive event working to bring people out of their homes to connect with their surrounding community and non-profits, making positive change happen. 

On November 21st, 2016 Natalie Sept and 20 volunteers pulled together the first ever What Now? in just 8 days. The event drew together over 2,000 people, featured over 55 local and statewide nonprofit organizations, political action groups, and artists who together, helped find positive and proactive ways to use energy and action for good. Organizations signed up 100s of volunteers at the standing-room only event!

What Now? 2017 was more organized, more inclusive and more directed. The mission remained: get to work, for the greater good.

In 2018, What Now? became What Now Oregon. Together with local leader, J.T. Flowers, Natalie Sept and Sara Guest partnered with high school students from the Portland metro area to turn over creative control and content direction. This year’s theme is: Youth Lead Democracy, inviting everyone of all ages and backgrounds to participate in a youth-led conversation on getting to work, in Oregon communities, for the greater good. Youth have planned, organized, and directed this year’s event. A big thank you to The CENTER for providing space to allow students from all across the Portland Metro area to convene and create this year’s dynamic What Now? event!



The 2016 event was a huge success! Check-out the live-stream of the event that made history! 

Recorded live at Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon.